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Coder's Lap was coined by an enthusiast group of people targeting something out of the box, reading between the lines, highlighting maximum and necessary information in short. The final result was worth watching by continuously working on all yardstick precisely.

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Unlock your Programming Potential

Coder's Lap is a website owned by some group of friends, a team. It's a platform for us, students, to learn coding, share our knowledge and experience with others and make up a beautiful Coder Profile which higlights your potential. Here we have worthy courses, which are designed to help you in learning coding and to become a better programmer. The main mission of Coder's Lap is to help you learn coding and to become a better programmer. We have placed lots of worthy courses, well crafted by the team members, understandable and in general language upto the point. Now, it's upto you to choose a course and start learning.

Our mission is not just coding, but we also aim to help you with graphics, design, and other related subjects, specially targetting Institute of Engineering (IOE) students. We also have some other platform within Coder's Lap for us, students, to share our knowledge and experience with others. The Platform talked before were CodeXchange and the blog. We are one of the best course providers, as we provide
We also serve you guys with some free apps and templates(to be used as per licence). The apps are developed as a practice by the team and served through the website. The apps are here and the templates are here.

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